We are excited to announce that the following organisations have kindly donated their services/products to you - the Egg and Spoon Race participants.

All participants will receive a FREE subscription to Tripbod

Tripbod wish everyone in the Egg and Spoon race lots of luck and laughter. We would like to reward you all for taking part (because that’s what counts) with a free sign up to Tripbod (RRP from £16). With Tripbod you can connect with a local person before you go travelling to find out where the locals hang out and what’s going on when you’ll be there. You can chat to your ‘friend at the other end’ on our site and build a personalized trip plan using the local knowledge and advice of your Tripbod. Tripbod lets you see the place you’re visiting from a local perspective so you don’t waste time and money being a tourist.

Travel like a local with Tripbod – Your Friend at the Other End!

6 winners will recieve a FREE Bradt travel guide and all participants will have the opportunity to receive 25% off any Bradt purchase.

Bradt has a reputation for being a pioneer in tackling ‘unusual’ destinations, for championing the causes of sustainable travel, and for the high quality of its writing. Their books are as much travelogues as travel guides, infused as they are with the personal voice and accounts of each author, and they value in-depth knowledge, real insight, a personal touch and, perhaps above all else, a sense of the quirky, unique and the faintly ridiculous. They recognise that travellers’ interests are too varied to shoehorn a manuscript into a publisher’s template, and that’s why each one of their books is different, drawing out the aspects and features of a destination which make it special, and allowing authors to indulge their individual passions.

We have 15 copies of 'Organised Fun for Grown Ups' by Josie Curran, for those winning teams.
Organised Fun is a big, fizzing sherbert bomb of games invented and perfected by generations of friends and families.
Stuck at a dinner party when the conversation runs out or on a weekend away with friends when the witty banter is losing its edge. It’s at times like these that we need a helping hand to remember the life-affirming pleasure of spinning our own fun.
Alongside nostalgic classics, such as CALL MY BLUFF and CONSEQUENCES, you’ll find tons of new exciting ways to amuse yourselves, including COW SNIFFING, KEBAB-SKEWER DARTS and SLEEPING-BAG SUMO, that won’t cost you a penny and will provide you with hours of organised fun.

We have a pair of tickets for the latest show at The Tricycle Theatre in January
The World Premiere of ‘Greta Garbo came to Donegal’
by Frank McGuinness,

“The Tricycle is the most creative force in British theatre.” Jon Snow
The Tricycle has an outstanding reputation for presenting plays reflecting the cultural diversity of its community; an unparalleled international reputation for responding to contemporary events with its ground breaking Tribunal Plays, and one of the largest and most diverse Educational Outreach Programmes of any UK theatre.

If you don't win these tickets but are still keen to go here's further info:
Showing from 7 January – 20 February 2010
Tickets from £8.50
Box office 020 7328 1000